ARSAL 2016 - Scientific Programme            
10 November, Thursday              
      Opening Ceremony          
9:00-9:10     Cristin Coman, President of ARSAL        
    Gabriel Predoi, Dean of the Veterinary School of Bucharest    
9:10-9:20     Cristin Coman - A presentation of ARSAL        
9:20-9:30     Jan - Bas Prins  - A brief overview of FELASA      
9:30-10:00     Ioana Hristescu-Implementation in national legislation the provisions of Council Directive
    2010/63/EU on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes
10:00:10:30      Xavier Montagutelli - European regulatory framework on the protection of animals used for              scientific purposes
10:30-11:00      Coffee Break          
11:00-11:30      Nikolaos Kostomitsopoulos - Ethical justification of in vivo research projects
11:30-12:15      Jan-Bas Prins - Animal models: general concepts and validity    
12:15-13:00      Xavier Montagutelli -  Ethics, animal welfare and responsibilities  
13:00-14:00      LUNCH          
14:00-14:30      Jan-Bas Prins - Health monitoring of the animals used for scientific purposes
14:30-15:00       L. Benga-Current concepts and perspectives in the microbiological standardisation of                laboratory rodent
15:00-15.30       Bogdan Bacescu - Parasites of Laboratory Mice and Rats and Their Effects on Research              
15:30-16:15       Serban Morosan - Comparative Study: Environmental Health Monitoring vs. Animal Sentinel       Use              
16:15-16.30       Dana Živná - The occurrence of murine norovirus in european mouse colonies in last years              
16:30-17:00       Coffee Break          
17:00-17:30       Nikolaos Kostomitsopoulos - Caging and environmental enrichment practices              
17:30-18:00       Albert Sükösd - The benefits of certified quality bedding in lab animal science
18:00-18.15      Milan Kopecek - In-vivo real time non invasive instrument for longitudinal translational research
18.30-20.00      Welcome Cocktail            
11 November, Friday              
09:00-09:45      Ismene Dontas - Current European requirements for Function E&T  
09:45-10:30      David Smith - The Education & Training Platform for Laboratory Animal Science
10.30-10.45      Laurentiu Anghelache - The learning outcomes of the FELASA cat. C course
10:45-11:15       Coffee Break          
11:15-12:00       Simone Cassetti - Impact of IVC design in Animal Welfare and Standardization
12:00-12:45       David Smith - Classification and Reporting af the Severity of Procedures – Process and                 Challenges
12:45-13:30       Xavier Montagutelli - Ethics in animal research : project design and evaluation
13:30-14:30       LUNCH          
14:30-15:15       Xavier Montagutelli - Genetics of laboratory animals    
15:15-15:45       Liana Kobylinska - Animal models in neurosciences      
15:30-16:15       Ismene Dontas -  Rat model of osteoporosis      
16:15-16:45       Coffee Break          
16:45-17:15       Serban Morosan - Anesthetics and Analgesics: What, When, How?  
17:15-17:45       Bogdan Sevastre - Pain recognition by facial expression in mice and rats  
17:45-18:00       Closing Ceremony and Best Poster Prize announcement    
18:00-18:30       ARSAL General Assembly